Supreme Thursdays are upon us and the first items to roll out this 2017 fall/winter season are now hitting the shelves. As always, fans from all over the world will be lining up at their respective ‘Preme shops to cop, collect and possibly resell. With its raffle system in place, the popular skatewear brand is having customers arrive at the shop in time blocks for quicker, smoother transactions. New York’s first day was relatively organized and eager buyers came out in their favorite fits to show love for the brand and streetwear in general.

The most hyped items for the first release include the Nas tee, Gonz pieces, “The World Is Yours” jacket, dollar bill tee, and the shovel. Those with lucky raffle spots were quick to snatch them up and others waiting in line prayed they wouldn’t sell out. One customer who was able to purchase the “The World Is Yours” jacket was told by staff that the shop only had stocked two of them for the day.


Written by Chris Idolize

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