The National Art Center of Tokyo celebrated its 10th anniversary. For the celebration, architect and artist Emmanuelle Moureaux was commissioned to transform the Special Exhibition Gallery room into something extraordinary. She succeeded in turning the 2,000 square meter room into the “Forest of Numbers,” an exhibit filled with 100 colors and a symbolization of the next 10 years.

Moureaux visualized the next decade by suspending over 60,000 numeral figures (0-9) made of paper in 3D grids. The 10 layers in the installation represented the 10 years of time while each layer used four digits to express the relevant year of that layer. To add a twist, two girls and a cat were placed inside the forest. Coinciding with this gigantic piece of art were exhibition posters from the last decade on the wall to the right and white numbers in a room to the left.


Written by Chris Idolize

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