Established in 2015, Knock Kitchen & Kicks has since been rolling out an extraordinary combination of cult sneakers and Mexican comfort food all intertwined within the perfect party atmosphere. Located in Bangkok’s trendy Thonglor district, this three-story mecha houses a second floor devoted to dining and drinking and a third floor showcasing new and old kicks. To top it all off, Thai hip-hop artists Khan and Way of Thaitanium are amongst some of the owners.

Conceived by Bangkok-based architectural firm Onion, the space’s central design took in the idea of “street,” perceiving sneakers as the art of desire. The 50-seat restaurant features a modern and sleek design creating a laid back vibe. Incorporating a retractable roof, the dining area easily turns into a semi-outdoor terrace. On display at the bar are metallic shoe boxes, an ode to its third floor sneaker shop.




Written by Chris Idolize

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