dface-on-evolution-of-british-street-art-09 dface-on-evolution-of-british-street-art-08 dface-on-evolution-of-british-street-art-07 dface-on-evolution-of-british-street-art-06 dface-on-evolution-of-british-street-art-05 dface-on-evolution-of-british-street-art-04 dface-on-evolution-of-british-street-art-03 dface-on-evolution-of-british-street-art-02 dface-on-evolution-of-british-street-art-01

It was an early love of skateboarding that saw British street artist D*Face first find the inspiration to create the initial sketches and characters that established him as one of street art’s most prominent figures. Starting by producing stickers while working in a nine-to-five office job, the London-based creative has since collaborated with contemporaries such as Shepard Fairey and Banksy, and produced album artwork for the likes of Lady Gaga and Blink-182 with a style that’s become instantly recognizable both in London and overseas . He also had a major part to play in the legitimization of the art form through the launch of London’s Outsider Institute — the city’s first contemporary gallery focused on street and urban art — which he launched in support of a burgeoning local street art scene.

Having produced groundbreaking work on everything from banknotes to billboards, D*Face’s most recent commission is for innovative mattress firm Simba where, alongside several other pioneering artists, he was asked to produce an art piece using a mattress as his canvas, with the results sold in support of homeless charity Crisis. During a break from his various projects.


Written by Chris Idolize

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