daniel-arsham-future-relic-02 daniel-arsham-future-relic-01 daniel-arsham-future-relic-03

New York-based experimental artist and Snarkitecture co-founder Daniel Arsham’s latest entry to the ongoing “Future Relic” sculpture series comes in the form of a Polaroid camera.

Previous objects to be cast in stone include a telephone, casette tape, clock, camera, and mobile phone. Arsham imagines these objects buried for years and rendered obsolete, only to be rediscovered in an archeological dig.

As before, a limited number of the sculptures will be available to buy on eBay, with only 475 made at a price of $450 each.

Explaining his decision to sell the items via eBay, Arsham said: “For the past three Future Relic pieces, eBay has been pivotal in providing me with a global platform where buyers from across the globe can partake in these unique auctions. With over a billion items on eBay, it’s allowed me to source many of the objects and materials directly from the site. As an artist, there’s no greater feeling than knowing you’re choosing to source from unique items, which help ensure my Future Relic pieces are truly one-of-a-kind.”


Written by Chris Idolize

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