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IHWARUAE is a home in Seoul’s Ihwa-dong neighborhood within the Jongno-gu District. Like that starting sentence, the home appears to be regular, nothing special and of no interest. Step inside (and read on) and you’ll discover that IHWARUAE is actually a slow lifer’s dream home. Completely unsuspecting from the outside, the old structure that was originally built in 1950 has been transformed by Korean architectural firm Z_Lab into a roomy living space with modern aesthetics that somehow coexists with the building’s history and cultural heritage – the house sits alongside the Hanyangdoseong Fortress. The space impressively houses nine small rooms, now complete with living quarters, an open kitchen, and a music shop because everyone needs to buy music from themselves. Chocked full of vintage furniture that seamlessly fit with the rustic and simplistic design that the house is originally rooted in, and has been upgraded with, IHWARUAE is perfect for anyone wanting to step into a KINFOLK magazine. Check out the space for yourself in the gallery above.


Written by Chris Idolize

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