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Safe neighborhood, roomy interior, amenities in the neighborhood; there are a plethora of reasons that people decide on certain homes, some more basic than others. One such necessity among homeowners is the presence of natural light, and the Casa Di Chiari e Stefano, designed by duearchitetti exemplifies the luxury of natural sunlight best. This affluent abode in the privileged area of Verese, Italy overlooks a grand scenic view of the residential district beneath it, while the interior takes advantage of the southern exposure that baths its grey minimalistic walls with shadows and contrasts. Resting upon a foundation of rock, the two-level project houses a fitness zone, large open terrace and a garage, all of which utilize sliding panels in place of doors for an alternative method of closing off areas for isolation. Straight lines, undefined borders, and sharp corners give the natural flowing light plenty of room to bend and play for the owners daily needs.


Written by Chris Idolize

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