tea-club-scheme-team-larry-clark-caps-7 tea-club-scheme-team-larry-clark-caps-6 tea-club-scheme-team-larry-clark-caps-5 tea-club-scheme-team-larry-clark-caps-4 tea-club-scheme-team-larry-clark-caps-3 tea-club-scheme-team-larry-clark-caps-2 tea-club-scheme-team-larry-clark-caps-1

Tokyo and New York-based collective Tea Club Scheme Team releases a colorful range of caps designed by a number of creatives from different fields. In addition to its original headwear piece, which features embroidery by Larry Clark, the self-described “secret society” unveils an additional six designs by muralist Erin D. Garcia, artist and skater Julian Klincewicz, DJ Ross One’s RAP TEES, New York establishment FOOTBALL CAFÉ, and artist Clayton Patterson. With prices ranging between ¥7,020 JPY (approximately $69 USD) to ¥27,000 JPY (approximately $265 USD), the caps come in various colorways and are now available for purchase at UNITED ARROWS & SONS.


Written by Chris Idolize

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