nakagawa-masashichi-shoten-gai-by-yusuke-seki-design-studio-1 nakagawa-masashichi-shoten-gai-by-yusuke-seki-design-studio-2 nakagawa-masashichi-shoten-gai-by-yusuke-seki-design-studio-3 nakagawa-masashichi-shoten-gai-by-yusuke-seki-design-studio-4 nakagawa-masashichi-shoten-gai-by-yusuke-seki-design-studio-5 nakagawa-masashichi-shoten-gai-by-yusuke-seki-design-studio-6 nakagawa-masashichi-shoten-gai-by-yusuke-seki-design-studio-7

Yusuke Seki is a Tokyo-based interior designer who embraces simplicity and functionality whilst manipulating the environment around him to a parallel particular theme. His latest effort comes as a rejuvenation to the utensils shop Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten-gai. Working with a shop that is best known for curating a collection of local goods found all over Japan, Seki created a space where each shelf represents a different brand covering a variety of districts throughout Japan. Inspired by a centralized city marketplace, the acclaimed designer added electrical signboards to identify the divided spaces, as well as placed all of its fixtures in the middle of the room just as a market would be positioned in its city. Items on sale include utensils, furniture displays, socks, handkerchiefs and house hold products.


via hypebeast


Written by Chris Idolize

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