Two powers of music come together when Erykah Badu converses with rap phenomenonKendrick Lamar for Interview Magazine. While not in the same place, with Badu in her Dallas home and Lamar having missed his flight, there is a certain understanding between the two artists that manifests itself in this interview. Both artists are generally profound people, which makes for an entertaining, insightful interview that uncovers exactly how large Kendrick’s family is, what he meant by calling himself “Compton’s human sacrifice,” and his favorite bands outside of hip-hop. Enjoy choice excerpts below – including a list of Lamar’s top emcees and on-tour essentials – and check out the full piece on Interview‘s website.

Kendrick Lamar’s Top 10 MCs:

André 3000

On-tour essentials:

Fruit Pebbles
Baked Chicken
Bottle of Hennessy
Polo Socks

Lamar on womanhood:

“There’s just a certain knowledge instilled in a woman. There are these things that women have that men just can’t grasp: the understanding of love; the understanding of being; having a certain type of care in your heart and knowing when to be compassionate; knowing how to be a confidante…”

Source: Hypetrak


Written by Chris Idolize

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