This logo I designed a few months ago and decided to get away from our focused red/black/white colorway and focus more on the black and white on this one. The jackets that were making will be composed of satin and have reinforcements around the neck as well as the waist band and sleeves. They say that the triangle is the strongest shape so I felt it was only right to use this shape in this design showing the strength of the IDOLIZE movement as well as the clothing line. The black and white colorway came from a friend of mines (Brooklyn Nets) hat. We have other black and white designs as far as shirts (The Movement T) but never a jacket on this scale. There will only be (((15))) That come out and no remakes! So if you do enjoy this please make sure to contact someone on the idolize team to reserve yours price will be 69.99.



Chris Styles of Idolize Clothing


Written by Chris Idolize

Winning Starts Here

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