New Start

As this year ends, and another begins we are very excited for 2013. It’s an opportunity to correct what you didn’t do so well, and a chance to progress even more from what you did great. There is a lesson learned everyday to recognize it shows growth mentally as the first step. Trying a different approach is the second step. Not going back to old habits is the third. What happens a lot is we all make a change for the better, then things get hard and we tend to drift back to old ways, and friends etc. In a progression driven mind-set all of this gets accounted for. You can’t progress if your going backwards (doing the bad things from the past). That is a hinderance to your success. ” Don’t look back or you’ll trip on what’s in front of you” – Chris Styles. This statement is so powerful, because it is so true. You haven’t worked this hard just to go backwards have you? Exactly so why even look back? That goes from old bad tendencies, friends, and even the way you used to think.

My mentor (a guru of the mind) stresses this to me almost daily. You can’t move forward, looking back with a  steady pace and not fall over somewhere. “Yesterday is yesterday you can’t change that, but today you can effect your tomorrow” -Lytes Edison. As the new year gets under way it’s your choice on how it impacts your future. It’s a new start for those who haven’t yet started to make a change.
Whats your New Years Resolution?



Written by Chris Idolize

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  1. Powerful and very motivating … I’m speechless … All I know is that blog is really making me think about my life, where Im headed and where I wanna b. What resolutions and I going to set for 2013 n what resolutions am I actually going to accomplish … I HOPE ALL IF THEM ! HAPPY NEW YEAR LYTES AND IDOLIZED

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