You Are your Life

You get what you put in. Late nights, and early mornings become a habit for some. Others develop this trait over time to obtain what they want in life. Now I am not saying deprive your self of sleep at all. Sleep is important, to Icons in the making sleep is unheard of. When your passion, and ambition takes over you will realize it. The time you put into what you want in your life the more you will get. Michael Jordan didn’t become great overnight. It happened over the course of his career, in pursue to be better than the day before. That goes with any talent in the world. “Hard work beats talent that doesn’t work” – Kevin Durant.

As you sit and think about what you want in life, ask yourself how much time did I put into what I want. The more you ask the more you’ll work at it. The more you work at it the better you become,the better you become the happier you are. It is a chain reaction. “Excellence is a bare minimum, in the eyes of an entrepreneur” – Chris Styles. You get in return what you put in.



Written by Chris Idolize

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