Its in the Mind

That old famous saying if you can think it you can achieve it is actually true. No matter where you are in this world your mind can take you where ever you want to go. Stuck in a bad situation that you can’t currently get out, mentally you can. Focus on your goals and don’t let the little things distract you. Just the other day I was asked, once you have the frame-work how do you put it together. I simply replied focus, once you set a goal nothing should stand between you and  that goal period.

You must become a master of your mind, when you think negative you get those results. As well goes for the opposite. “Before I had it I’d close my eyes and imagine” -Kanye West. Change your thoughts change your life master your mind.

P.S. The winners for the Christmas drawings will be announced at 11 am X-Mas day. So for those who have not left a comment on why you love Idolize have until 5pm today to do so.



Written by Chris Idolize

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  1. Powerful, Motivation, and Insigh …. Words I thought of after reading this blog. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !!! Words on should always keep n mind 😉 #TeamLytes

  2. I love Idolize because you guys my speak to me and say exactly what I can’t say. Your blog touches me every time I read it and makes me think how I can apply what you’ve said to my life. Thanks for lifting me up when no one else can seem to!
    *Plus I just love Lights*
    Keep up the great work you guys you’ll go fair with your fame of mind… determination is the key to sucsess and you guys obviously have that! Can’t wait to see what more you have to say!

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