Idolize the gift

Well, it has been a long productive year. We are all in the Christmas spirit, it would not be right if we didn’t give a gift ourselves. The team has come together and agreed to give away some gear for the holidays. Now, this is how it works the first ten people to leave a comment on why they love Idolize will be placed in a drawing to win one of our new Entrepreneur shirts of your choice. These ten names will be picked at midnight tonight and announced in tomorrows blog.

We will choose one male and one female. After the winners are picked from the raffle drawing we  will contact the winners to get info needed to ship the shirts.   Happy holidays from the Idolize team!



Written by Chris Idolize

Winning Starts Here


  1. Idolize is such an amazing brand. It really inspires people to believe in their dreams and make them a reality… keep up the good work idolize team… much love!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas! Idolize was introduced to me by Lytes. Everyday when I see him post a blog or any sort of update, I check it out and never am I disappointed. Everything is always positive and inspiring. It’s a reminder to me that life can be a struggle but it’s still only the beginning to our Destiny. God is Good. Merry Christmas y’all.

  3. I think that its very generous for Idolize to be doing this give away … The Christmas holidays bring our the generosity in people. Well, the reason I love Idolize is because the clothing is new and fresh. It’s the future of clothing and artist such as Lytes Out. I support it, I love it and I believe in it 100% and have nothing but best wishes for it to keep growing and be something major. #TEAMIDOLIZE4LIFE ❤

  4. I love idolize because its a dope company and clothing line bringin something new to the table , and needs to be given more recognition , i think its great you guys are doin a giveaway for your supporters !! #TeamIdolize

  5. Merry Christmas to the people behind this brand. Plain and simple I love Idolize for being a company that has so many REAL entrepreneurs,making nothing into something. LETS PUT DENVER ON THE MAP. SUPPORT IDOLIZE! =)

  6. I fuccs wit idolize cuz i love to see my niggas doin something good and positive wit themselves. Yall are puttin on and reppin for the city right & i love dat shit

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