The passion to do something comes from your heart. You seek enjoyment from doing what ever it is that you love to do. When fulfilling that burning desire, you seem to forget about everything else that seems to be wrong. Its like your get away and you only get that emotion upon spending time on your passion. Just imagine if you could feel how you feel, when creating that new song, playing sports, performing on stage in front of thousands of fans, or wherever that joy comes from you can feel that way all the time.

Obviously in a perfect world if everyone could do what they wanted our lifestyles would all be totally different. The thing is we all can do what we want in life if we just listen to our hearts. Not everyone wants to do the same thing in life. This is why we have various occupations in our society today. Everyone has a sence of joy when they do something, note that joy comes from different things. This is what makes us unique individuals, we all have special characteristics we must dig down deep and follow our hearts. -Lytes Edison


Written by Chris Idolize

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