Did you know that emotions are the utmost asset you have besides your mind? Knowledge goes a very way in any field of career you choose to acquire. Knowing how to do and or become something is totally different than the feeling you get. Knowing you have everything it takes to become an entrepreneur in today’s society is a reflection of your feelings. Meaning that feeling you get when you think about your future hits harder than you knowing. Emotions are like that burning desire you have to accomplish something. Ex: You have been studying for an exam coming up and you know you are going to ace it, you know you understand all the text you have been going over and are ready to take this exam. Then another person goes into the exam under the same exact circumstances but actually feels (visualizes) the end result of acing the exam goes way deeper than just knowing. Emotions help give your insight on what you want in the final outcome of whatever it is you desire. Some people know this, others feel this, but the greats are able to comprehend both and feel that they know. Which one are you? – Lytes


Written by Chris Idolize

Winning Starts Here


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