Look around you. Better yet, look in the mirror. Are you the victim? After a deeply scientific, irrefutable poll, we gathered, analyzed, and ranked the most sartorially-challenged metropolises in the greater United States. It may be time to plan that move you’ve been thinking about








40- Boulder, CO 

39- Nashville, TN

38- Bristol, CT

37- Kansas City, MO

36- Portland, OR

35- Raleigh, NC

34- Seattle, WA

33- Asbury Park, NJ

32- Omaha, NE

31- Detroit, MI

30- Cleveland, OH

29- Newport Beach, CA

28- Burlington, VT

27- San Diego, CA

26- Orlando, FL

25- Buffalo, NY

24- Saint Paul, MN

23- Dallas, TX

22- Wasilla, AK

21- Houston, TX

20- San Francisco, CA

19- Jersey Shore, NJ

18- Austin,TX

17- Atlanta, GA

16- Santa Fe, NM

15- Provo, UT

14- Martha’s Vineyard, CT

13-  Las Vegas, NV

12- New Orleans, LA

11- Brooklyn, NY

10- St. Louis, MO 

09- Miami, FL

08- Salt Lake City,UT

07- Maui, HI

06- Philadelphia, PA

05- Manhattan,NY

04- Chicago, IL

03- Pittsburgh, PA

02- Los Angeles, CA



Written by Chris Idolize

Winning Starts Here

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